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Learn By Doing

At Kids Truth Lighthouse, we have all sorts of activities, worksheets, and projects to bring apologetics to life.  We understand that apologetics is an incremental lift and not a giant leap to comprehension.  We consider apologetics to be a life long learning exercise and the best way to continue that is by taking a hands on approach.

Beyond the Books

We provide an incredible amount of resources to match each person’s learning style.  We offer videos, podcasts, webcasts, activities, and yes, even books.  We each learn by hearing, seeing and doing.  So we try to meet all of those needs through our vast library.


How To Register For Kids Truth Lighthouse

Registration is free.  All you need to do is sign up and provide a few details and within 24 hours, you will have access to the incredible resources of Kids Truth Lighthouse.

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To sign up, go to our registration page by clicking here.


Once access has been granted, you can select the skill level you want to focus on.


The curriculum is set up to run chronologically so that you can move through it like grade levels.



Academic Excellence

We cover a wide spectrum of material to give the most well rounded approach to thinking about apologetics.  This includes conversational tactics all the way to understanding difficult concepts.


History & Archeology

A critical piece of validating scriptures is understanding where they come from, when we got them, and how they arrived.

Conversation Tactics

It is one thing to understand what makes up the Christian argument but it is another thing to share it in an impactful way.


Does science contradict Christianity?  Not at all.  Instead, science is considered the language of God.


Understanding the philosophical argument for God and how the moral law points to God is one of the strongest arguments in favor of Christianity.

Additional Programs

Once you have the foundations of apologetics developed out, it becomes time to take it to others.  So we show you how to teach this to others.



With our participants guides, we provide leadership guides that show parents how to train their children up in the way that they should go.

Sunday School

Sunday school should be fun and engaging but also impactful.  We provide the resources for Sunday school teachers to engage their classrooms.

College Prep

Once you enter college, many Christians find themselves being a lone voice for truth.  We provide unique ways for you to share the truth of Jesus Christ.


We live in a society where ‘influencers’ is actually a career.  How you use your megaphone dictates what you stand for.  We provide tools to help you reach the world.